1624 - 2024

Access Information

Ford Green Hall is a 17th Century timber framed farmhouse with a small period garden.

We offer a warm welcome to all and are committed to making Ford Green Hall accessible and inclusive for those with disabilities.

The information below highlights our access policies.

Arrival and parking

  • The Hall is situated on Ford Green Road (B5051) in between Norton and Smallthorne, next to The Whitfield Valley nature reserve.
  • The Hall shares the carpark with the nature reserve. There is a 2.1 metre height barrier, so please call ahead if your vehicle exceeds this.
  • The fire alarm is a continuous bell. Fire marshals will assist you in the unlikely event that an evacuation is necessary. Please let us know if you may need extra help.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the Hall and Garden.
  • There are two entry points, the first is at the back gate with steps over the Hall’s flood defences with a gentle path leading to the Halls rear onto a crazy paved area. Head across this area and enter the Reception / tea room.
Photo showing the rear entry gate of the hall - a concrete path leading to some steps
Photo showing the rear path of the hall - it is cobbled and has steps with wooden guardrails
Rear entrance leading over the flood defences down to the back of the Hall.
  • The Front Entrance is situated on the main road. Head for the barrier and turn right, follow the hedge until you reach the front entrance.
Photo showing the sign at the front gate including opening hours information
The front gate of the hall - a paved path sloping towards the hall
  • Head down the path until you reach the top of a small flight of steps. If you prefer to continue with no steps head for the rear of the Hall through the arch way turn right and enter the Reception / tea room at the rear of the hall.
The front path to the hall, a gently sloping flagstone paved walkway under foliage
Path from the from to the rear of the hall. A comparatively narrow flagstone paved path under a brick archway
Front entrance to the hall including outdoor seating and disabled toilet

Inside the hall

  • The Reception and Tea room are in the same building and can get quite full on busy event days, however there is outside seating if the weather is fine.
  • Doorways in the Hall are wide enough for manual wheelchairs.
  • There is an accessible toilet just in the corridor from reception. This has a baby changing unit and a bin for nappies and hazardous waste.
  • Floors throughout are a mix of clay tiles, stone slabs and polished wooden floors.
  • There are no lifts at the Hall so access to the upper floor is via a Jacobean staircase with two small flights that are carpeted. The rail is at a lower height than normal.
  • The Hall has low lighting in some rooms with a mixture of LED, halogen and fluorescent bulbs at present.
  • A video tour of the house is playing on loop in the exhibition room for anyone to watch, but is particularly useful for those who are unable to access the upper floor.
  • At present the tea room serves hot and cold drinks and pre packed snacks.
  • For our blind and visually impaired customers guided visits and additional commentary can be provided on request with sufficient notice

Entry fees

  • Our admission policy admits the carer of a disabled visitor free of charge, while a concessionary rate applies to the disabled visitor.


  • Our garden is accessible without steps, but there are steps with handrails leading to our viewing mound. Most of the garden has a gentle slope and is gravelled.
  • Our Staff and volunteers want you to have a stress free and enjoyable visit. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or access requirements.